About Us

Exchange Bees LLC provides bee pollination services, beekeeping sale services, consultations, and much more. Our community’s mission is to unite Beekeepers and Growers.

What we’ve done is establish a beekeeping company that can ensure a successful pollination season for our growers. By working with our beekeepers year-round we’re able to more precisely guarantee the strength of the hives, rather than your traditional brokers who will only meet their beekeeper on arrival.

Our team is put together with standards, deadlines, and requirements to meet your quality expectations. We stem from generations of beekeepers, improving the beekeeping community as a whole.

Beekeeper Benefits

  • Pollination Contracts
  • Honey Bee Sales
  • Free Consultations
  • Growth Strategies
  • Marketing Services
  • Logistics Services
  • Equipment Discounts
  • Beekeepers Community

Our Mission

  • Provide outstanding customer and quality service for all transactions
  • Meet our Growers quality, time, and cost expectations
  • Take care of our Beekeepers with expert consultations and services
  • Help you get started with beekeeping at an affordable and efficient path

Exchange Bees Newsletter

Exchange Bees puts out a bi-weekly newsletter in efforts to keep the EXB community as up to date with current events within the beekeeping industry. Our newsletters will provide the most recent updates within the EXB community, useful data on beekeeping methods, tips, tricks, and the most recent research findings.

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