Almond Pollination Service


Services We Offer to the Grower:

  • A hassle-free professional pollination season, with quality beehives.
  • Your asking minimum and average frame strengths requirements will be met.
  • Pollination Portfolio:
    • Placement Plan with a professionally engineered topographic map.
    • 1st Inspection: 20% random sample basis report within 90 days to arrival on orchard.
    • 2nd Inspection: 100% sample basis report upon arrival on orchard.
    • 3rd Inspection: 10% random sample basis report before removal from orchard.
  • We can provide a county inspection report.
  • We offer a choice of either one or two story beehives.
  • We will correlate the arrival and removal of beehives.
  • We will coordinate with beekeepers on weekly maintenance.
  • We have access to extra hives in the case of an emergency.
  • We provide written or digital contracts between the beekeepers and the grower.
  • We handle all payments and billing between the beekeeper and the grower.
  • We handle all IRS and State reporting requirements.
  • We are licensed and insured.

Percent of Field Bees:

  • Percent

How Important is “Bee Hive Strength” and “Field Force”?

  • Field force is the number of bees that leave the hive to pollinate the trees.
  • It would take almost Two & a Half 6-frame hives to equal the Field Force of one 8-frame hive!

8 Frame Average

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8 Frame Average -- 6-Frame Minimum

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10 Frame Average -- 6-Frame Minimum

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