Almond Pollination Service

Data-Driven Pollination to Increase Crop Yields for California Almond Growers

Honey Bee Pollination

With the rise of annual acres being planted within the US, the supply of honey bee colonies has not been able to grow at the same rate. Receiving the best of the US supply of honey bee colonies is crucial to producing high yields. When using honey bees for almond pollination it is always important to maximize the efficiency of the colony field force and colony placement pattern.

We have further developed the pollination process using a data-driven method for providing honey bees to almond growers. Our Almond Pollination Service is engineered to achieve you a higher yield of almonds per acre, while decreasing your overall costs.

Amount of Honey Bees per Beehive
  • bees per hive
Beehive Field Force per Frames
  • % of field force

Maximizing Almond Yields

The “Hive Strength” is the total amount of frames covered by bees per colony.

The “Field Force” is the percentage of bees that leave the hive with the purpose of pollination.

Exchange Bees cutting-edge technology allows you to receive a transparent quality guarantee, every year when you're ordering our honey bees. Our premium beehive pollination service has provided almond growers increased crop yields by up to 40%. We deliver our honey bees on time, always ready to handle any logistic situation, terrain or weather, making sure you receive honey bees throughout your entire bloom season.

Optimized Placement Patterns

First we create a computer-generated 3D topographic map of your almond orchard. Our software algorithm will then provide an optimal placement pattern for all honey bee colonies ordered. The placement algorithm is designed to place the honey bee colonies in a position to receive the maximum sunlight to boost each colony’s daytime pollination activity.

Standard Honey Bees
  • 4-Frames Minimum of Honey Bees
  • 8-Frames Average of Honey Bees
Verified Beehives – We Pre-Inspect your bees
Verified Beehives – We Pre-Inspect your bees
Premium Honey Bees
  • 6-Frames Minimum of Honey Bees
  • 10-Frames Average of Honey Bees
Risk-Free Guaranteed

About Exchange Bees

We started delivering our first beehives to Almond Growers in 1995. We’ve expanded every year since and now manage more than 17,000 beehives in Sacramento, CA. Our dedicated almond pollination team will provide you with the economics, logistics, and strategy recommended for your specific almond orchard. By putting in the extra work we strategically approach your pollination season more than traditional beekeepers and bee brokers. We stem from generations of beekeepers, years of experience, and hard work to ensure you have a successful almond pollination season for the lifetime of your orchards.

Premium Hive Inventory
  • % of Field Force
California Almond Acreage

Source: USDA annual report on honey-producing colonies in the U.S, and annual report on California almond acreage.

  • Bearing acres
US Honey Bee Population

Based on demand of bearing acres of almonds    (excluding CA early varieties of blueberries, cherries, etc..)

  • Beehive Demand
  • Beehive Supply
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