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Data-Driven Pollination to Increase Crop Yields for California Almond Growers

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About Exchange Bees

We started delivering our first beehives to Almond Growers in 1995. Since then we have continued to expand every year, and currently manage over 17,000 beehives in Sacramento, CA. Our dedicated almond pollination team provides our growers with the highest quality of service by analyzing and understanding the economics, logistics, and strength recommended for each orchard. Our commitment to the science of strategic pollination has provided us with resources that other traditional beekeepers, bee brokers, and almond pollination brokers are unable to provide. Our work demonstrates the experience that has been gained from generations of beekeeping, and will ensure that your orchards will have a successful almond pollination season.

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Honey Bee Pollination

Due to the rapid increase of annually planted acres of almonds in the US, honey bee colonies have struggled to keep up with the demand. This has created a shortage of bees available during California's almond pollination season. Receiving the best of the US supply of honey bee colonies is crucial to producing high yields in almond growing.

We have developed a scientifically backed and data-driven method for providing honey bees to almond growers. Our Almond Pollination Service is engineered to make sure you're receiving a supply of bees that achieve higher yields of almonds, while decreasing your overall costs. Supplying premium quality bees, for over 20 years.

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Maximizing Almond Yields

The ‘Field Force’ is the percentage of bees that leave the beehive in order to pollinate. A higher field force percentage is needed to get the most out of almond pollination.

The ‘Hive Strength’ also coincides with the increase of frames. The abundance of the population, pollen, healthy larvae, honey, and survival are only some of the many benefits of using stronger beehives.

Our strategic method allows us to provide a guaranteed service during every pollination season. The premium pollination service has enhanced crop yields up to 40% for growers throughout California.

Optimized Placement Patterns

Our process starts with a software-generated 3D topographic map that includes temperature points and other measures of your almond orchard. Subsequently, the software will use a placement algorithm to provide an optimal placement pattern. The placement algorithm is designed to maximize the overall field force coverage to make sure each almond tree receives the highest percentage of honey bee pollination. We will then continue with an on-site walk-through to show our placement map accuracy and confirm your agreement with our placement strategy.

Standard Honey Bees

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Pre-Inspected Bees

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Premium Honey Bees

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Verified Beehives

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Risk-Free Guaranteed

California Almond Acreage
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Based on demand in bearing acres of almonds    (excluding CA early varieties of blueberries, cherries, etc..)

Source: USDA annual report on California Almond Acreage, and USDA annual report on Honey-Producing Colonies in the U.S

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